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Oral Skills: (Pussy)Cat Got Your Tongue?

**************Hey guys, sorry about my (Seanlai) audio on this! It was too good a show not to post. We’ve already fixed it for future episodes. #DoneIsBetterThanPerfect ***********
DO NOT do what porn stars do! Don’t just dart your tongue in and out. Eating Pussy is an art form. Sharpen your ‘sword’ and learn How To Lick Pussy Like A Boss.

Guys cocks are easier to navigate but he still knows what he likes. Do you know EXACTLY what he likes? How hard to grip? How fast to stroke?
And did you bring your grapefruit?

Seanlai & Lauren slide into this sticky topic and it’s only the beginning.

When a woman finds a guy who gives good head, she’ll forgive a multitude of sins. #TRUTH
When a guy finds a girl who loves blowjobs, he’ll learn how to give great head. #TRUTH

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The Pulse III Duo Guyberator: Go from soft, to hard to Oooohhhh and never have to stroke it.
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Thanks to Auntie Angel for her grapefruit and whip cream lessons
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Episode Title: Oral Skills: (Pussy)Cat Got Your Tongue?